Insularity often spawns wonderful lifeforms found nowhere else on the planet. Due to their isolation, islands concentrate a great deal of the Earth’s unique species to a given territory, also known as endemic species. These species are, undoubtedly, the most authentic lifeforms of a given place. In Hispaniola island, its great habitat diversity also increased its capacity to produce new species, resulting in having, for example, more endemic birds than any other Caribbean island.

The American illustrator and naturalist John James Audubon, perhaps one of the most famous ornithologists of all time, was born in Hispaniola in 1785, in the French colony of Saint Domingue, (today’s Haiti). We can perhaps wonder, whether his lifelong passion for birds was ignited in this island.

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ALAS & COLORES is a publication that plays with history, by precisely choosing an American artist, building on the legacy of Audubon’s celebrated book “Birds of America”, also of exquisite, large size drawings, but in our case, depicting the endemic species of our island, a treasure we all must learn about and protect.

With this book, the reader can enjoy our endemic bird species through a series of scientifically accurate and beautifully executed illustrations. The illustrator worked alongside Dominican experts so that each feather and leaf depicted is as close as possible to reality. Also, she visited the mountains and valleys of the Dominican Republic and studied specimen collections from the National Museum of Natural History of Santo Domingo, thus achieving one of the most beautiful, complete and detailed illustration collections ever created to celebrate Hispaniola’s nature.

At INICIA, we believe that, in addition to contributing directly to fostering productive environments, companies should also promote the celebration of identity as a collective space. We firmly believe that we must commit towards sustainability, not as another cost of doing business, but as part of the important relationship between society and our common heritage.

If this book makes more people value and get to know these beauties that are unique to our island as well as the habitats they depend upon, we will have achieved our goal of publishing a book that is useful, educational, aesthetically pleasing and that will make us feel proud of our legacy.

Felipe A. Vicini Managing Partner